Forcing ReadyNAS to update via SSH when all else fails

One of our ReadyNAS Pro 6 refused to update its firmware (called RAIDiator) to 4.2.24 (the latest as of writing) no matter how I tried. Neither local or automatic updates had any success; reinstalling the OS through the boot menu and updating, as suggested by someone on the forum, did not work either.

Thankfully the attempts did not break anything in the system. Each time either one of these notifications were shown after reboot:

  • “Problem encountered while updating your ReadyNAS device”.
  • “Firmware update failed verifying flash”.

Eventually I found a solution in this post by dbott67 on the Netgear ReadyNAS forum (the solution requires SSH access).

The exact commands I’ve used to update RAIDiator to version 4.2.24:

cd /tmp
tar -xvf
echo RAIDiator-x86-4.2.24 > /.cf_update_in_progress

It worked perfectly. Why? I have no idea. Please use at your own risk.

All kudos goes to David Bott (dbott67).

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