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Django: add i18n template tag to built-ins

Django 1.9 allows you to load template tags globally, i.e. without having to include {% load %} statements at the top of each template. The new option is called builtins and you can set it in your like so … Continue reading

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Magnific Popup + HTML5 History API (demo)

A demo of Magnific Popup with unique URLs and browser Back/Forward button support, using HTML5 History API via History.js. GitHub.

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Watermark images like a pro using Python + Wand + librsvg

This is a Python 2.7 code recipe for applying a semi-transparent vector (SVG) watermark with overlay blending like so: What’s special about it:

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Using Python’s urllib2 or Requests with a SOCKS5 proxy

Just a Python 2.7 code sample showing how to make requests using Python’s urllib2 or Requests through a SOCKS proxy.

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Относительная дата по-русски в Python и Django

Под “относительной датой” я подразумеваю вывод даты следующим образом: 5 минут назад, вчера, 7 дней назад, завтра и т.д. (Не уверен, что это правильный термин, но ничего лучше в голову не приходит).

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ExtJs 4: password validation + random password button

This one is simple.

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ExtJs 4: dealing with messages (and errors) from an Ajax or REST proxy

When sending Ajax or REST requests, a proxy of ExtJs 4 typically expects a response with the following parameters: data, success and message. The message parameter is optional, but it may come in handy when you want to show the … Continue reading

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ExtJs 4: submit form on enter

It’s a shame that such a powerful framework as ExtJs 4 does not have this feature built-in.

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Demo of Highslide gallery with Ajax URLs

Update: a pure Javascript implementation by setnicka. Highslide is an excellent JavaScript library for making galleries, but there’s one feature I was really missing in it: Ajax URLs or URLs which change as you browse images on the page. Thankfully developers … Continue reading

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AppleScript to mount/unmount a drive

On my Mac Pro I have two internal hard drives I rarely use. Some times they “sleep” and while doing so, every file opening dialog, search in Spotlight or search in Dictionary might wake them up and that takes some … Continue reading

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