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Confluence: broken links and macros after migrating Postgres database

Problem: after migrating Atlassian Confluence PostgreSQL database to another server, you’re seeing lots of broken links (in red color) and some navigation macros not working properly (showing errors such as “page not found”). The first thing Atlassian themselves and their … Continue reading

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Zola + Vite demo

How to neatly wire up Zola (static site generator) with Vite (frontend build tool) without special plugins (a minimal demo).

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Postgres database on a separate drive

In psql: CREATE TABLESPACE mytablespace LOCATION ‘/Volumes/MyVolume/postgres’; CREATE DATABASE mydatabase TABLESPACE mytablespace; Kudos to GregHNZ for posting this on StackOverflow.

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Django + Vue CLI + Webpack demo

How to wire up a Vue CLI app and Webpack to Django templates with routing, hot reload, code-splitting and without any extra plugins (a minimal demo + explanation).

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Proxmox: QEMU Guest Agent is not running — qmp command ‘guest-ping’ failed

Hey fellow Internet dweller, are you worried about the following message appearing during backup of a suspended virtual machine in Proxmox?

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Use macOS native color picker in VS Code (like “Insert Color” in TextMate)

A tiny extension for Visual Studio Code, written by me (GitHub).

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VS Code: bind one key to multiple commands without an extension

People wanting to assign multiple commands to a single keybinding in VS Code typically use an extension, such as multi-command or macros. However, there is another, lesser known method to achieve this using built-in functionality of VS Code — user … Continue reading

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Apple Pro Display XDR: presets not showing up after firmware update

Problem: Apple Pro Display XDR not showing its built-in presets in System Preferences > Displays and clicking “Customize…” brings up an empty window.

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Datadog: nginx access.log / error.log permission denied


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Datadog: “could not retrieve nginx version info”

Apparently Datadog fails to retrieve nginx version information when server_tokens directive in nginx configuration is set to off.

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