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Serving acme-challenges from two web-servers sharing the same domain via nginx

Say you have nginx listening on port 80 and sharing a domain with another web-server (e.g. Proxmox web-server) that is listening on a different port, and you want to route HTTP-01 (“acme-challenge”) requests to that second web-server.

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Datadog: nginx access.log / error.log permission denied


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Datadog: “could not retrieve nginx version info”

Apparently Datadog fails to retrieve nginx version information when server_tokens directive in nginx configuration is set to off.

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Apache Guacamole: RDP printer not working, “error parsing HTTP request header”, “Invalid character found” etc

If you’re using Apache Guacamole 1.0.0 behind an nginx reverse proxy, and Guacamole’s RDP printer doesn’t work, and browser console logs error 400, welcome to read further.

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Kerio Connect server connection errors after upgrading to version 9.2.6

Kerio Connect 9.2.6 introduced a limit for a number of simultaneous connections from a single IP address, which is — by default — set to 100 per protocol. If more than a hundred of users start using Kerio Connect from … Continue reading

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