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macOS kernel programming bounty to revive SmoothMouse (PAUSED)

The discontinuation of SmoothMouse seems to have upset many people. Now that the pointer lag is fixed in the newer versions of macOS, I was hoping our users would find other 3rd party mouse drivers more useful for they provide more acceleration controls than … Continue reading

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On macOS Sierra support and the future of SmoothMouse

⚠️ 2023 update: finally, macOS Sonoma has an option to disable pointer acceleration ⚠️ Long story short.

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SmoothMouse does not work in macOS Sierra

Do not install macOS Sierra if your productivity depends on SmoothMouse, currently it  does not work on it. We’ll be investigating the problem soon. Update: sorry, we won’t support Sierra.

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SmoothMouse works again in El Capitan DP3

Thanks to Apple for addressing the problem. Hope they don’t break anything else before the release.

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SmoothMouse broken under El Capitan DP2

Do not install El Capitan DP2 if your productivity depends on SmoothMouse. SM won’t work on it. Apple has broken the API for pointer movement that SmoothMouse (as well as Wacom driver) relies on. This is also the reason why Wacom driver … Continue reading

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OS X pointer lag measured with a high-speed camera

So I took time to measure pointer lag under OS X Yosemite with my point-and-shoot camera Nikon J1, which captures 1193 frames per second in slow-motion mode. 

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Update on SmoothMouse

I’m getting a lot of emails with similar questions. Does the mouse still lag in Yosemite? Yes, unfortunately. Is SmoothMouse compatible with Yosemite? Yes, fortunately. Is SmoothMouse dead? The development had been completely paused for several months. The good news is—today … Continue reading

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Looking for an Objective C programmer with expertise in OS X development

The SmoothMouse dev team is looking for Objective C/Cocoa programmers with expertise in OS X app development and available for part-time remote work (from 10 hours per week). 

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Looking for a mouse acceleration programmer

The SmoothMouse dev team is looking for a pointer ballistics engineer person to work on pointer acceleration algorithms (and code).

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Looking for programmers to work on Mouse Movement Recorder for OS X

We’re looking for programmers with expertise in systems programming to work on Mouse Movement Recorder for OS X (, released under the MIT license).

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