Looking for an Objective C programmer with expertise in OS X development

The SmoothMouse dev team is looking for Objective C/Cocoa programmers with expertise in OS X app development and available for part-time remote work (from 10 hours per week). 

Responsibilities: development of SmoothMouse ‘front-end’, i.e. the preference pane in System Preferences, including UI and new features.


  1. Extensive OS X/Cocoa development experience and strong Objective-C skills. C++ experience is a plus.
  2. Love for UI and clean code.
  3. Being interested in SmoothMouse.

Things to note:

  • We realize that probably you already have a full-time job. If it is not a problem for you (i.e. your contract does not disallow taking a side job), it is neither a problem for us.
  • Ultimately we’re looking for stable long-term collaboration.

To apply please email me at dae@smoothmouse.com.

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