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Postgres database on a separate drive

In psql: CREATE TABLESPACE mytablespace LOCATION ‘/Volumes/MyVolume/postgres’; CREATE DATABASE mydatabase TABLESPACE mytablespace; Kudos to GregHNZ for posting this on StackOverflow.

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Think twice before you buy WD_BLACK D50 Game Dock for your Mac

If you’re considering getting a Thunderbolt 3 dock called WD_BLACK D50 Game Dock (e.g. # WDBA3U0000NBK-EESN) to use with a Mac, think twice.

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Django + Vue CLI + Webpack demo

How to wire up a Vue CLI app and Webpack to Django templates with routing, hot reload, code-splitting and without any extra plugins (a minimal demo + explanation).

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Proxmox: QEMU Guest Agent is not running — qmp command ‘guest-ping’ failed

Hey fellow Internet dweller, are you worried about the following message appearing during backup of a suspended virtual machine in Proxmox?

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Use macOS native color picker in VS Code (like “Insert Color” in TextMate)

A tiny extension for Visual Studio Code, written by me (GitHub).

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VS Code: bind one key to multiple commands without an extension

People wanting to assign multiple commands to a single keybinding in VS Code typically use an extension, such as multi-command or macros. However, there is another, lesser known method to achieve this using built-in functionality of VS Code — user … Continue reading

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Apple Pro Display XDR: presets not showing up after firmware update

Problem: Apple Pro Display XDR not showing its built-in presets in System Preferences > Displays and clicking “Customize…” brings up an empty window.

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Datadog: nginx access.log / error.log permission denied


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Datadog: “could not retrieve nginx version info”

Apparently Datadog fails to retrieve nginx version information when server_tokens directive in nginx configuration is set to off.

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Refresh web-browser without leaving VS Code

I’ve created an extension for VS Code which lets you refresh your web-browser (Safari or Chrome) by pressing Cmd-R without leaving VS Code. Meet Refresh Browser (GitHub).

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