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Sample AppleScript + Bash uninstaller

Should you ever need to write an uninstaller for your macOS app, feel free to base it on our project—written entirely in AppleScript and Bash: https://github.com/SmoothMouse/Uninstaller

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Paste text even when prohibited in macOS (password dialogs etc)

I wrote a tiny AppleScript application which pastes text into fields which do not allow Cmd+V pasting (like password prompts). This may come in handy when working through VNC/remote desktop or virtualization software (such as Apple Screen Sharing, Parallels Desktop … Continue reading

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AppleScript to mount/unmount a drive

On my Mac Pro I have two internal hard drives I rarely use. Some times they “sleep” and while doing so, every file opening dialog, search in Spotlight or search in Dictionary might wake them up and that takes some … Continue reading

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Permission error of AppleScript in iTunes

I was getting a permission error (code -54) when trying to set an id3 tag of a track using AppleScript. The solution was to add a delay between each operation: delay 1 Note that the track will remain “locked” until … Continue reading

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Launch character palette using AppleScript in Snow Leopard

tell application “CharacterPalette” to activate There is an issue though: the new character palette doesn’t get “bound” to any of the applications, therefore double-clicking a symbol doesn’t paste it automatically to the text field. You’d have to drag-and-drop. I’m posting … Continue reading

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