SmoothMouse works again in El Capitan DP3

Thanks to Apple for addressing the problem. Hope they don’t break anything else before the release.

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15 Responses to SmoothMouse works again in El Capitan DP3

  1. User says:

    Thanks for keeping us updated! Wasn’t going to upgrade until I knew it would work for sure.

  2. J says:

    Smooth mouse is consistently conflicting with cs:go on el capitan (beta 6 now) for me. It locks the cursor in the middle of the screen. If i disable and uninstall I no longer get this random occurrence. Wonder if anyone else has this issue? Tried different mice no luck.

  3. detto87 says:

    Hey there,
    this is the only site where I found a relatively fresh conversation about SmoothMouse. I’m happily using it so far with El Capitan.

    But I’m wondering if the project is still maintained and active? The last release 1.0.10 is from February 2014! Not that I miss anything, but the forums are down too. I’d hate to see that project die and not work anymore in the future.

  4. Alex says:

    Hi, I can’t install SmoothMouse on El Capitan. The installer says that it can’t configure parameters. Is there any solutions for that?

    • Alex says:

      Ok. It’s installed after couple of attempts. Works well! Do you plan to add option to allow turn off acceleration for mouth wheel scrolling as well?

  5. Aubrey Cottle says:

    SmoothMouse disables the ability to accept keychain prompts. Allow and Always Allow don’t function with it enabled. Likely some dumb security change Apple made to block input hijacking software.

    • This is definitely a major issue. I had to uninstall SmoothMouse for this reason… except the crazy jumpy mouse cursor came back (didn’t experience it for a while) so I had to reinstall it… :(

    • Guest says:

      This is the same reason that you won’t be able to click the Allow or Always Allow buttons when Screen Sharing to Macs that have a display attached to them. Servers and the like without a display work fine – go figure!

    • Tapani says:

      Is it possible to add SmoothMouse to the list of apps in System Preferences/Security&Privacy/Accessibility/Privacy? I think that would solve the problem. I have not been able to add it there as there is no such app as SmoothMouse. It just installs some libs somewhere under the hood.

    • Sam says:

      Having exactly this same issue. Had to uninstall temporarily. I reinstalled immediately because I cannot live without it…I use a trackball :).

      Is there any way we can temporarily disable SmoothMouse and then re-enable it until this gets fixed?

  6. Stow says:

    Hello guys, thank you so much for your work on this app :)

    For some reason I can’t access the forum right now, so I’m gonna make my suggestion here: could you please increase the maximum speed available in the next patch ?

    It works very well already as a Windows mouse, but a little bit more speed would be much appreciated. Thanks !

  7. void says:

    I am trying to play CSGO on my Macbook Air 2015. I want to minimize fps lags as the machine is already constrained (~50-60fps at native resolution, lowest quality settings).
    When I check activity monitor, it shows cpu usage for smoothmouse spikes during fast mouse movements leading to lags in fast gameplay (5-6% cpu usage for smoothmouse).

    I am on El Capitan with latest steam updates. Are other users also feeling the same issue or is there something wrong with my setup.

  8. Ryan says:

    Hey Dae, what’s the dealio with the forum? Will it ever be back up?

  9. Ryan A says:

    Hello there, I know this isn’t the forums and I can’t post there at the moment due to maintenance, but can anyone help me? I downloaded SmoothMouse and it was working well for a month but yesterday I booted up CS:GO and when I clicked my primary button to fire my weapon but when I moved it around while firing it was extremely sensitive. The cursor(crosshair) would bounce everywhere, does anyone have a solution to this? Thank you very much!

  10. Abbas P says:

    Hi, same problem as @Ryan A
    Just installed smooth mouse to remove mouse acceleration problems but the pointer/crosshair seems to jump around erratically and it feels super sensitive to any mouse movement. Any help would be splendid.

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