SmoothMouse broken under El Capitan DP2

Do not install El Capitan DP2 if your productivity depends on SmoothMouse. SM won’t work on it.

Apple has broken the API for pointer movement that SmoothMouse (as well as Wacom driver) relies on. This is also the reason why Wacom driver does not work anymore in El Capitan.

SmoothMouse had used the officially recommended API  in the past, before version 1.0.5. Switching to a less supported API solved a lot of problems for our users.

We’re trying to reach the OS X dev team. Stay tuned.

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6 Responses to SmoothMouse broken under El Capitan DP2

  1. Roee says:

    Have measured the mouse lag in El Capitan? Maybe it was fixed as part of the performance improvements?

  2. Longhanks says:

    Back to working great in DP3!

  3. Vic says:

    I thought work on SmoothMouse was dead since the devs weren’t answering questions anymore in the now-dead forums.

    Is SmoothMouse still alive?

  4. SG says:

    Also working here with DP3. I can use my Mac again!

  5. Tom Wardrop says:

    Smooth Mouse is awesome and I’d happily pay a yearly subscription to have access to it. Might be a good model to move to promote the continued development and support of the product.

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