SmoothMouse does not work in macOS Sierra

Do not install macOS Sierra if your productivity depends on SmoothMouse, currently it  does not work on it. We’ll be investigating the problem soon. Update: sorry, we won’t support Sierra.

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21 Responses to SmoothMouse does not work in macOS Sierra

  1. Karol says:

    glad to see it is still in development :-) thanks for all the hard work!!

  2. Brogen says:

    I’m not sure how long the Forums have been down for or if Smooth Mouse as a whole is another dead end project.

    But i’m currently having trouble with Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

    Whenever i console “M_RawInput 0″/ Disable Raw Input.

    My mouse sensitivity goes crazy, super sensitive and it makes my mouse unusable.

    Turning Raw Input back on “M_RawInput 1″/Enable Raw Input. my mouse works fine.

    However i dislike having raw input enabled, and always have it disabled.

    You get where i’m coming from?

    Will there be a Fix?

    It seems that you guys don’t really have a GITHUB or any other form of dedicated webpage seeing as your Forums are currently down on which we can’t find any news to know if SmoothMouse is going to be updated or not or even so Post to say there is a problem.

  3. from japan. says:

    thank you for investigating announce.
    i hope work it on sierra.

  4. tgm says:

    thank you very much.

  5. popfish says:

    Awesome work! please make this app a commercial one. The fear of loosing this app is killing me. I would gladly pay like more than 100$ for it!

  6. nascasho says:

    +1 to comments listed above. Looking forward to an updated version for Sierra and would gladly pay.

  7. Alvaro says:

    Any news in the update for MacOs Sierra?

  8. Alexis Molina says:

    I’ve said it before (years ago), and I’ll say it again…
    1. Solving this OS X mouse lag problem was a massive gift you made happen for us “Former Windows Converts to Mac Lovers.”
    2. Most of us would be more than willing to pay to thank you & your developers for this excellent tool AND to ensure there is strong incentive to keep it alive (at least until Apple finally fixes the issue someday).

    So, I guess what I’m trying to say is… “TAKE. MY. MONEY. DUDE!”

    P.S. – Thank you for the work you guys are doing on macOS Sierra support!

  9. Justin says:

    Would really, really appreciate an update to SmoothMouse so it works on Sierra. Current mouse behavior is killing me in the public beta… Thanks so much.

  10. Steps says:

    Any idea when will sierra be supported? I didn’t check up on whether smoothmouse is supported i’m a windows user recently converted so this was something i didn’t think of

  11. Kurian Abraham Thampy says:

    defaults write .GlobalPreferences -1
    still works. Log out after changing the value.

  12. Ritin Ramola says:

    as final version of Sierra is here, any update on SmoothmouseSierra comptablity ?

  13. Daniel says:

    any updates on this???
    please email me at d0nbxx at gmail dot com if you can.. also willing to donate for this app to work on macOS sierra
    I installed the beta already more than a month ago, but just couldnt use it without this app :(

  14. Andrew says:

    Any updates? Would really appreciate it since final GM Sierra is out now!

  15. Felipe says:

    Any alternatives at all?

  16. Daniel says:

    an alternative is an app called smooth cursor, works on sierra, but I liked smooth mouse more

  17. Daniel says:

    the author of smooth mouse however just doesn’t respond.. I tried emailing him too

  18. Edward G. says:

    Damn this is really frustrating… I haven’t seen his comment so I downloaded sierra. Now i have to reinstall El Capitain and eventually once the solution is found, I’ll download sierra again. Never lucky…

  19. Jordan says:

    Just installed macOS Sierra before I found this.


    As others have mentioned, I would pay a lot to have this working and would strongly support a commercial product. I’ve followed the project since the beginning and have donated in the past and would happily support Dae’s work again in the future if he is able to continue working on it. I’ll be watching eagerly for updates. At the least, I hope this can become an open-source project which the rest of us can continue to work on.

  20. Przem says:

    We need that software – please, give us a little update.

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