Looking for a mouse acceleration programmer

The SmoothMouse dev team is looking for a pointer ballistics engineer person to work on pointer acceleration algorithms (and code).

Currently SmoothMouse uses the exact pointer acceleration algorithms of Windows and OS X (thanks to libpointing). We would like go beyond that, by improving the said algorithms and providing users with more options. There is surely plenty of room for improvement and innovation.

This task is not hard as it may seem, especially for someone with math/physics/engineering/science background. If you’re not familiar with the matter, but you know a bit of C++ and terms like “interpolation” don’t scare you, we’ll help you get started very quick.

Your work will help 3000+ users of SmoothMouse improve their productivity and make their daily computing experience smoother.

Interested? Interested, but got questions? Please don’t hesitate to email me at dae@smoothmouse.com.

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2 Responses to Looking for a mouse acceleration programmer

  1. Michael says:

    Many thanks to smoothmouse team for making making this happens. I was going to go insane with my logitech m705 mouse, until I stumble upon your blog.
    I hope you find someone to help you soon.

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