“MagickWand shared library not found” on uwsgi

If you’re getting this error while deploying a Python app on uwsgi:

MagickWand shared library not found. You probably had not installed ImageMagick library. Try to install: apt-get install libmagickwand-dev

It may not be what it seems: Wand’s load_library() function would show this error message even if it found the shared library in question, but failed to load it for some reason.

If you’re certain that the shared library is actually present, you might want to check if you’re still getting the same error without uwsgi (e.g. on Django’s dev server). If it only happens on uwsgi, make sure you’re not limiting memory space of the uwsgi processes with the limit-as configuration option. In my case, removing limit-as 128 from uwsgi.ini solved the problem immediately.

Special thanks to gregor2004ua for publishing his solution to a very similar problem.

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