Restoring Windows on a PC after installing Bootcamp

After installing Bootcamp 3.0 on a PC running Windows Vista (I was experimenting with Apple Aluminium Keyboard drivers), the system started BSOD’ing on startup with an error related to AppleMnt.sys.

To solve the problem, I decided to revert my system to a pre-Bootcamp state with Vista’s built in “System Restore” utility. At first I tried standard “Safe Mode” which didn’t work, but booting “Safe Mode with command-line” worked fine (to see those option hold F8 button on your keyboard while the computer is booting). To launch the “System Restore” utility, I typed rstrui.exe in the command-line. For some unknown reason it took several minutes to initialize, and launched in some sort of minimized state from which I retrieved it with a plain Alt+Tab.

After restoring, the system took a couple of reboots to sort things out, but everything worked fine afterwards.

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