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Switch input language by caps lock in Windows

(Эта статья также доступна на русском языке). One and half years ago I wrote an article called “Select input language by Caps Lock in Mac OS X” and later it started appearing in Google results for users searching the same … Continue reading

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Переключение языка ввода по caps lock в Windows

(This article is as well available in English). Полтора года назад я написал статью «Переключение языка ввода по caps lock в Mac OS X», и так получилось, что поисковики в своей выдаче показывают ее не только макинтошникам, но и пользователям … Continue reading

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“Steam is temporarily unavailable” problem

Recently I installed Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 onto my Windows 7 x64, and it replaced the built-in Windows firewall (there was an option to do so while installing, and I deliberately chose it). Everything was fine except the next day … Continue reading

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Restoring Windows on a PC after installing Bootcamp

After installing Bootcamp 3.0 on a PC running Windows Vista (I was experimenting with Apple Aluminium Keyboard drivers), the system started BSOD’ing on startup with an error related to AppleMnt.sys.

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Inability to upload files using any browser on Windows

One my friend who runs Windows XP encountered a strange problem: she couldn’t upload any large (more than ≈100 KB) files using upload forms on websites under any browser. We tried Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome with no result, although … Continue reading

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“Failed to expand the files” error

Getting “failed to expand the files” while installing Canon camera software, such as ZoomBrowser Ex? Just turn off your antivirus.

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