Looking for the brains

SmoothMouse, the long-awaited fix for mouse problems in OS X, has been released.

* * *

Project SmoothMouse is looking for developers who want to improve mouse experience in Mac OS X. Particularly:

  1. C / Objective-C programmers.
  2. C++ programmers who’ve dealt with kernel programming.
  3. “Masterminds” — people preferably with math, physics or technical background, who know a lot (or would like to learn) about human-computer interaction in general, who are passionate about precision and best feeling, willing to experiment and suggest new ideas.

Interested? Please don’t hesitate and email me at dae@smoothmouse.com. Would be good if you include some basic information about yourself.

Other way to help the project is help spread the word.

The current development phase is “pre-alpha”. The foundation is done for the most part, and we’re now looking to fix the bugs and extend the functionality. Today we started the first round of private testing among the developers.

* * *

SmoothMouse, the long-awaited fix for mouse problems in OS X, has been released.

* * *

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32 Responses to Looking for the brains

  1. Yunis says:

    great news! I want to be a tester!

  2. Pepijn says:

    I want to be a tester toooo! I hope smooth mouse will be released soon before I’ll sell my MB…I’m considering a Windows laptop because of the shitty mouse!!

  3. Seth says:

    I would love to be a tester as well. We’re have a wicked time with the mouse movement of the Mac Mini we have in our conference room.

  4. Henry says:

    Would love to be a tester as well!

  5. Cliff Rowley says:

    Big Mac gamer here. I would love to help test. Please drop me a line :-)

  6. Beep says:

    Hi, I’ll spread the word at InsanelyMac and nice to hear you’ve started private testing. What about open testing?

    • Dae says:

      Thanks, Beep! Public testing will begin as soon as we finish ironing out the problems revealed during the first round of testing. Thanks to the new programmer who joined our team, things are going faster now.

  7. Fernando says:

    Hi, I would like to be a tester too.

  8. Daniel says:

    Hi! I’m happy to see that somebody is finally doing something about mouse problems that we have in OS X. If sometime you need help in testing, please drop me a line.
    I would love to try out SmoothMouse.

  9. rayg says:

    Nice can’t wait..

  10. Wut says:

    What mouse problems are we talking about? I just switched over from Windows a few months ago and I’ve had no problems with various mice on my Late-2011 MacBook Pro w/Mountain Lion..

  11. Simon says:

    Awesome news, thanks! If we can assist with anything – let us know!
    I’d be glad to alpha, beta, gamma test whatever you guys come up with.
    It is about time someone does something about mouse movement.
    Will there be custom mouse curves? Please don’t leave out Magic Mouses like all the other tools do, if somehow possible :)

    • Dae says:

      1. SmoothMouse already supports Apple mice.

      2. We will provide Windows’ curves as an option. Ability to feed your own curves to SmoothMouse is on our roadmap, but don’t expect this feature in the first releases.

      • Simon says:

        Thank you, finding this made my day. Is it still possible to sign up for the newsletter you mentioned in earlier posts? I cannot seem to find it here.

        • Dae says:

          I decided against newsletters until we make a public release or have something really important to say.

          Recently we set up a forum dedicated to “all things mice” and as well SmoothMouse development.

          Currently its practically empty (and still needs some configuration), but don’t let that scare you. We will start posting development news there, and you’ll be able to sign up for notifications easily.

  12. 81Steven says:

    Great News
    Interested in testing with logitech g9 mice and gaming software

  13. pepijn says:

    …I’ve found a solution for the mouse problem!!! I installed Windows! My Mac works great now!

    • Cliff Rowley says:

      Ha ha. *rolls eyes*

      • Pepijn says:


        (The mouse really drove me mad….couldn’t stand it anymore…)

        • Cliff Rowley says:

          Which mouse do you have? I found that SteelSeries ExactMouse seems to have cured most of the ills with my DeathAdder Black while gaming in the meantime.

          Though it still makes the mouse quite awkward to use outside of games.

          • pepijn says:

            Actually I don’t play games… I suffer the most of the mouse movement within Photoshop/Cinema4d etc…I really don’t know how others are painting in Photoshop with a mouse…it’s simple not even possible to draw a circle. I have used a list od mouses…Logitechs, Razers and the ones that work quit less annoying are the Microsoft mices :)…but still it’s really UNBELIEVABLE why this is. Until OSX 9 I never had this issue…

  14. Johann says:

    Keep up the great work, we definitely need this.
    Would love to help testing even a buggy pre-alpha!

    Thank you!

  15. Hessel says:

    good work! I’d love to be a beta tester! due to this mouse lag on OSX I’ve actually developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Rightnow I can’t use a mouse any longer then a few minutes before it starts to itch. thanks Apple… actually I mean FUCK YOU APPLE

  16. Bram Stege says:

    My prayers have been heard. I so want this.

  17. vi4m says:

    Where’s github link?

  18. Herbie Fakir says:

    My wrist can’t take anymore of this floating mouse.. I feel your pain Hessel. I do mostly Microsoft Development and after I put a couple hours on my Mac (iOS Development) I can’t say how good it is to go back to good old Microsoft Mouse.. Please fix for all of our sanity. I truly don’t understand how something so important to the total user experience and life-cycle of an app can’t be fixed with such a good company..

  19. Mario Junior says:

    Wow! I installed here, and gave one hell of a difference compared to before. I use a Logitech G9, and greatly improved!

    Thanks so much! =D

    PS: Working perfectly in mavericks. ;)

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