SmoothMouse and trackpads

I’ve been asked many times if SmoothMouse will support trackpads.

The answer is yes.

The best part is that it doesn’t interfere with multitouch gestures and only takes care of pointing.

However, I know that many of those who are unhappy about mice in OS X, are often satisfied with trackpads. Personally, I as well find using a trackpad in OS X way more enjoyable than using a mouse. So in SmoothMouse you will be able to turn off support for trackpads leaving support for mice.

Another common question is Apple’s Magic Mouse support.

The answer is yes, again, but I have to admit that I barely feel any difference because of Bluetooth lag.

* * *

SmoothMouse, the long-awaited fix for mouse problems in OS X, has been released.

* * *

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2 Responses to SmoothMouse and trackpads

  1. Seph says:

    Still hoping for a beta soon. Any plans for a release date for a beta version? :-)

  2. Igor says:

    What about Wacom tablets,are they going to be affected by SmoothMouse?

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