“MagickWand shared library not found” on uwsgi

If you’re getting this error while deploying a Python app on uwsgi:

MagickWand shared library not found. You probably had not installed ImageMagick library. Try to install: apt-get install libmagickwand-dev

It may not be what it seems: Wand’s load_library() function would show this error message even if it found the shared library in question, but failed to load it for some reason.

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Make VLC show the title of a streaming video

I’ve created a tiny VLC extension that makes VLC show the title of the currently playing streaming video. It allows you to set custom titles even for the streams that you don’t own (e.g. from YouTube). For more information, see: https://github.com/EugeneDae/VLC-Show-Stream-Title.

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Kerio Connect server connection errors after upgrading to version 9.2.6

Kerio Connect 9.2.6 introduced a limit for a number of simultaneous connections from a single IP address, which is — by default — set to 100 per protocol. If more than a hundred of users start using Kerio Connect from the same place, the server would quickly run out the limit. When it happens, it would (seemingly) randomly block user connections and the users would see a connection error window (or “Bad Gateway” if you use a reverse proxy, e.g. nginx). Continue reading

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Make tojson filter in Jinja2 output Unicode instead of escape sequences

This wasn’t documented anywhere, but kudos to the Jinja2 devs for making this so easy to figure out from the source code. Continue reading

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Fixing Windows Update: what to do when wuauserv refuses to stop

Every now and then my virtualized Windows 10 would stuck at “Checking for updates” or “Downloading updates: 0%”. The solutions on various websites suggest stopping the related system services (net stop wuauserv and net stop bits) and trashing the contents of C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution, and then starting them again. But in my case, wuauserv would always refuse to stop (i.e. keeps trying to stop, but nothing happens), and because of this I wouldn’t be able to trash the contents of C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution. Continue reading

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Where does the AppStore version of DaVinci Resolve Studio 12 store its projects?

Make sure to make regular backups of this folder: Continue reading

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How to load VirtIO storage drivers in Windows System Restore

If you need to load VirtIO block storage driver (aka viostor) in Windows System Restore (aka Windows Recovery Mode) to recover your Windows virtual machine, take the following steps. (Also please read my note below). Continue reading

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How to add an existing virtual disk to Proxmox

It’s trivial to create virtual disks in Proxmox, but what if you want to add an existing disk to a new virtual machine? Continue reading

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Windows not detecting unallocated space after extending virtual disk

You’ve extended a virtual disk in Vmware or Proxmox for a Windows virtual machine, but the disk appears the same size in Disk Management? Continue reading

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Sample AppleScript + Bash uninstaller

Should you ever need to write an uninstaller for your macOS app, feel free to base it on our project—written entirely in AppleScript and Bash:

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