Django: add i18n template tag to built-ins

Django 1.9 allows you to load template tags globally, i.e. without having to include {% load %} statements at the top of each template. The new option is called builtins and you can set it in your like so (in the example, I’m loading the i18n tag library). Continue reading

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librsvg 2.40.11 breaks resizing in rsvg-convert

rsvg-convert 2.40.11 calculates SVG bounds incorrectly resulting in an empty or cropped image. (See my comment in Homebrew repository and the bug report).  Continue reading

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Magnific Popup + HTML5 History API (demo)

A demo of Magnific Popup with unique URLs and browser Back/Forward button support, using HTML5 History API via History.js. GitHub.

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SmoothMouse works again in El Capitan DP3

Thanks to Apple for addressing the problem. Hope they don’t break anything else before the release.

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SmoothMouse broken under El Capitan DP2

Do not install El Capitan DP2 if your productivity depends on SmoothMouse. SM won’t work on it.

Apple has broken the API for pointer movement that SmoothMouse (as well as Wacom driver) relies on. This is also the reason why Wacom driver does not work anymore in El Capitan.

SmoothMouse had used the officially recommended API  in the past, before version 1.0.5. Switching to a less supported API solved a lot of problems for our users.

We’re trying to reach the OS X dev team. Stay tuned.

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Watermark images like a pro using Python + Wand + librsvg

This is a Python 2.7 code recipe for applying a semi-transparent vector (SVG) watermark with overlay blending like so:

What’s special about it: Continue reading

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Using Python’s urllib2 or Requests with a SOCKS5 proxy

Just a Python 2.7 code sample showing how to make requests using Python’s urllib2 or Requests through a SOCKS proxy. Continue reading

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Resuming link between Apogee Duet and keyboard volume controls

Oftentimes when I wake up my MBP from sleep mode or reconnect the Thunderbolt hub, Apogee Duet stops responding to keyboard sound volume controls. When it happens, I can still change Duet’s volume from Maestro or Audio MIDI, just not using the keyboard controls or OS X system volume slider.

volume Continue reading

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OS X pointer lag measured with a high-speed camera

Mac OS X mouse lag

So I took time to measure pointer lag under OS X Yosemite with my point-and-shoot camera Nikon J1, which captures 1193 frames per second in slow-motion mode.  Continue reading

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Update on SmoothMouse

I’m getting a lot of emails with similar questions.

Does the mouse still lag in Yosemite?
Yes, unfortunately.

Is SmoothMouse compatible with Yosemite?
Yes, fortunately.

Is SmoothMouse dead?
The development had been completely paused for several months. The good news is—today we resumed work on the next major version with lots of new and unique features. Stay tuned.

* * *

By the way, we’re still looking for a C++ programmer who could help write mouse acceleration functions. Interested? Even if in doubt, please don’t hesitate to email me.

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